Credit Card Expense Manager App Reviews

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Cant set statement date

Just wont work. No matter how many times I try, or what dates I use, I cant set the statement date. Ive contacted Atinco for help, and they just say they dont find a problem. Aggravating.

This alô

Its a great app. I liked it very much.


If you carry a balance on your credit cart this App wont work for you You cant enter a payment, so you cant have a correct balance.


create the japanese yen version. we dont need "." for money. I love the interface. 日本円に対応していないので、単位に「.」付きます。 まだダウンロードしたばかりなので、今のところはこれだけ。

Some problems

It doesnt have function to choose currency and I couldnt find how to post remains of money on a card

Very Bad

The app doesn’t work anymore from iPhone5 and they don’t reply to questions. Very bad app and very bad behavior of the company.

Looks nice...... But

This application is tough to navigate and doesnt really deliver on its purpose.


Is there a way to enter payments on the balances?

Are they kidding?

How can they sell an expense manager that cannot post payments? I want my money back.

Cant get this simple concept right.

Cant enter payment or account credit transactions, doesnt have a Discover Card option and at $3.99 is overpriced.

I want my money back

I was hopping this application could help me to organize my credit card.... but it was a waist of money...I want my money back ... who should I contact?

Good but lacking

Love how it attaches the photo of the receipt and helps reduce the clutter. Love the PDF export. PLEASE add the ability to make a negative entry - either in the form of a payment or an item being returned to a store and receiving a credit. I do agree that is a HUGE accounting problem to not have the ability to have negative entries.

Can I please get a refund?

It was not what I expected.

Can I have my money back?

This is not what I expected at all. No discover card option either. Would really like my money back.

Not a good buy

Cant even put my own credit cardslike amex blue etc. Very little selection. I want my money back to. Too expensive for what it is

Very badly designed app

It doesnt have payment posting options Not worth the money at all

Good way to track those elusive expenditures

This program is a useful way to track money you spend through credit cards, checks, and cash. It allows you to specify cards, checks, or cash accounts, the store where you used them, what you bought, and how much you spent. It then generates nice Excel spreadsheets or PDFs of your expenditures and e-mails them to you upon request. You can photograph your receipts so you have visual records tied to your data entries. The program works well and does all it purports to do, so I gave it four stars. It falls down because of a few rough edges: too-loud sound effects on PIN entry, no way to delete an invalid PIN character, a misspelling in one of the screens, and the fact that the CHECKS screen does not have a place to enter a check number. But these are minor quibbles. If you find yourself wondering, as you look at your credit card statements, what you bought with all that money, this is a good application for finding out.


No way to register payments, stupid omission.

Exactly what I was looking for

All I needed was an app that took a picture of my receipt, allowed me to input the information for one card, and email a PDF to my employer. If you want expense tracking, payments, etc...this may not be for you. But it worked perfectly for me. The export process was a bit slow, but at least they give you feedback while its exporting...kudos!

Boy! Did I ever waste 4 dollars!

Dont buy! This app is worthless! It doesnt calculate anything! Doesnt even show available credit or even track payments! I spent an hour trying several different entrys and none made any sense! I was under the impression that all iTunes apps were legit! This one is not! Hopefully this app gets pulled off the store!

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